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Amy Chang Announces Cognitive Collaboration at EC 2019

Amy Chang Announces Cognitive Collaboration at EC 2019

Why Cisco to bring this all to market? Well, for starters, we’ve got the distinctive data. The data platform we’ve rolled in from Accompany, my startup, which Cisco bought 10 months ago, combined with all the Webex platform data we already had. At Accompany, most of us on came from Google, where we built Google Analytics. The two things we know how to do really well? Build a super scalable data platform and crawl the web. So we put those skills to good use and created a massive ingestion engine that is on the hunt for people and company information every nanosecond of the day. This rich and dense data platform now has 250M people and 25M companies in it and forms a key part of the Webex Graph backbone. You’ll see this same level of intelligence weave into every piece of Cisco’s collab portfolio – across Webex (Meetings, Messaging and Calling), devices (phones and video) and just wait until you see what’s coming to contact center. It’s going to be mind blowing! (Hint: think potential customer lifetime value….)

  • People Insights deliver a more effective meeting experience, with relevant, “just-in-time” information you need to better understand and relate to the people you’re sitting down with.
  • Facial Recognition identifies all of the individuals in a meeting – hello virtual name tags so you actually know who is talking!
  • Webex Assistant helps you join meetings through simple voice commands. It can call the right “Susan,” share your content, or control the meeting, even adding the right colleagues for the project at hand.
  • Customer Insights will deliver advanced AI and Customer Journey Analytics via our hybrid cloud model. Available across our entire on-prem portfolio, these new solutions will deliver more personal and contextual experiences.
  • Webex Calling combines Webex Teams with enterprise class PBX, powered by Cisco BroadCloud.

This week, we announced our vision of Cognitive Collaboration. We shared how the “beyond” will be about intelligence and context woven into every aspect of collaboration – every single piece of the greater portfolio. It means changing the face of communication and bringing AI/ML enriched context to the user – without them needing to lift a finger. Cognitive collaboration will become the foundation to deliver massively personalized experiences and will transform how we work. We waited to announce this until it wasn’t just talk or slideware. When we went out, we wanted it to be real…to be able to put it in your hands now. So here’s what we’ve got for you today: