Amy Chang

Board member @Disney and @ProcterGamble. Former EVP & GM @Cisco. Grateful to a phenomenal husband & amazing kid! Total food pusher. Startup advisor/investor and board member. She/Her.


Amy Chang

Board Member, Disney and Procter & Gamble

Amy serves on the board of directors for The Walt Disney Company and Procter & Gamble, and has previously served on the boards of Cisco, Splunk, Informatica and Marqeta, which encompass nearly a trillion dollars in total market cap. Post-acquisition of her startup Accompany by Cisco for $270M, she led Cisco’s multi-billion dollar Collaboration business. As EVP and GM of this 6000 person team, she led the videoconferencing, cloud calling, contact center, video device and phones businesses. Accompany was an AI/ML-based relationship intelligence platform serving Fortune 500 companies.


Prior to Accompany, Amy was at Google, where she led the teams for Google Analytics, Website Optimizer, Trends, and multichannel attribution for over 7 years, growing Google Analytics to serve over 86% of the entire web. She previously led product for the paid search and affiliates channels at eBay, as well as worked in the semiconductor and software industries at McKinsey. She started her career in hardware with Intel, AMD and Motorola.


She serves on the UCSF Hospital Executive Committee, the Stanford School of Engineering Dean’s Advisory Board, and as an advisor to GoogleX, Postman, Masterclass, SambaNova, Panther Labs, Rembrand, Altana Labs, Pendo, Scanner.io, DataIris, Rattle, Greenlight, Gretel.ai, DataChat, Snorkel.ai, PerfectDay, KatanaGraph, Dentity, Switch Bioworks, Galileo, Prosimo.io, Exotanium, NoviConnect and Pragma.


Amy holds a BS in Electrical Engineering with a hardware subspecialty and an MS in Electrical Engineering with a network systems subspecialty, both from Stanford University.

The Walt Disney Company

Board of Directors (2021 - Present)

Procter & Gamble

Board of Directors (2017 - Present)

Member of Audit and Innovation+Technology committees. Very proud of P&G's sustainability, community impact, gender equality, diversity and inclusion efforts.

SambaNova Systems

Board of Directors (2020 - 2022)

SambaNova Systems is building the industry’s most advanced systems platform to develop and deploy next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) and data-intensive applications from the data center to the cloud and the edge.


Board of Directors (2021 - 2022)

Marqeta is the modern card issuing platform empowering builders to bring the most innovative products to the world. Marqeta provides developers advanced infrastructure and tools for building highly configurable payment cards.

Pragma Platform

Board of Directors (2020 - 2022)

Pragma is a backend engine for gaming companies that enables multiplayer / social games, so game developers can focus on building a great experience.


Executive Advisor (2020 - 2021) & EVP and General Manager, Cisco Collaboration (May 2018 - 2020)

This Collaboration team of 6000 people is the foundation for a multi billion dollar business. We are building the future of work for over 300M people globally. We build the software teams use every day for essential communications - messaging, meetings, calling in the Webex platform. We power many of the white label solutions for communications that you see from major service providers. The AI/ML enriched hardware we build includes over 100M phones, and video devices for meeting and whiteboarding together across the world. And if you call into a customer service number, chances are you'll be using our software for that call routing and contact center.


Board Member (2016 - May 2018)

So proud to have been part of this fabulous board for 2 years until Chuck bought our startup, Accompany, to become part of Cisco! And even more proud now to be part of this exec management team, where half of us happen to be female and all of us love this company!


CEO, Founder (2013 - May 2018)

Accompany developed comprehensive, real-time profiles for every single Fortune 500 CEO. Our AI-driven database provided rich, relevant insights for millions of people and companies, so our users could always find the right people and build stronger relationships. Founded in 2013, Accompany was headquartered in Los Altos, California and backed by CRV, ICONIQ Capital, Ignition Partners and Cowboy Ventures. Over the course of 3 funding rounds, Accompany raised $40.5M. Cisco acquired Accompany in May 2018 for for $270 million in cash and assumed equity awards.

Stanford University School of Engineering

Advisory Council Member (2018 - Present)


Various (2012 - Present)

Advisor to MasterClass, Postman, Panther Labs, Greenlight, DataChat, Snorkel.ai, PerfectDay, KatanaGraph, Galileo, Prosimo.io, NoviConnect, Hubspot (now public), Datorama (acquired by Salesforce), Skyhigh Networks (acquired by McAfee), Optimizely (acquired by Episerver), BloomReach, Origami Logic (acquired by Intuit).


Board of Directors (2015 - 2017)

Honored to have served on this board with Doug Merritt and Godfrey Sullivan. Served on Nominating and Governance Committee.


Digital Advisory Council (2013 - 2016)

Small council of folks to help advise Target Corp on digital strategy.


Board of Directors (2012 - 2015)

Informatica was taken private in one of the largest software LBOs of 2015, for over $5Bn. Served on Compensation Committee.


Global Head of Product, Google Ads Measurement (2005 - 2012)

Global responsibility for product lines below, with over 10MM customers, and coverage on over 65% of the web.

Product Areas:
- Google Analytics
- Google Analytics Premium
- Cross media conversion and attribution modeling
- Google Website Optimizer
- AdWords Conversion Tracking
- Google Trends


Product Manager - User Acquisition (2003 - 2005)

Managed eBay's products related to affiliates and paid search, as well as select portals and large partners. This includes syndication tools, data feeds, and other internet marketing based products.


Associate (2000 - 2003)

Specialized in software and semiconductor strategy.

Stanford University

BSEE & MSEE, Electrical Engineering

BS in Electrical Engineering with a hardware subspecialty and an MS in Electrical Engineering with a network systems subspecialty.


Managing relationship and contact information
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