Amy Chang

Board member @Disney and @ProcterGamble. Former EVP & GM @Cisco. Grateful to a phenomenal husband & amazing kid! Total food pusher. Startup advisor/investor and board member. She/Her.


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Amy Chang, Founder and CEO of Accompany and Board Director at P&‪G‬

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She has served on the Boards of some of the largest companies on the planet, like Procter & Gamble ($300Bn+) and Cisco ($200Bn+), after building her career at McKinsey, eBay, and Google. She’s also been in the trenches of a startup, having founded Accompany, which went on to be acquired by Cisco where she took on an exec role leading a 6,000 person team.


We talk with Amy about her path into studying electrical engineering, having to hack her way into a PM role at Google, and the inspiration for leaving the comfortable cocoon of a big company to make the founder leap.


Amy and April swap stories about trying to break into PM roles at Google and the inspiration (and fears!) that come along with leaving comfortable roles to start something from scratch.


Each week, we wrap up with a Shoutout to people who’ve inspired and helped us along the way. This episode, Amy highlights a close friend and advisor, who has helped Amy be an effective Board member, Lorrie Norrington.

The #ANGELS Podcast

The #ANGELS Pod brings you conversations about the latest tech trends with the people inventing and shaping them in Silicon Valley and beyond. Hosted by the co-founders of #ANGELS, an investment collective: Jessica Verrilli, April Underwood, Jana Messerschmidt, Chloe Sladden, Katie Stanton, and Vijaya Gadde. We cover personal stories about breaking into tech and scaling up, and inside looks at the most interesting startups, from the people building them.

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