Amy Chang

Board member @Disney and @ProcterGamble. Former EVP & GM @Cisco. Grateful to a phenomenal husband & amazing kid! Total food pusher. Startup advisor/investor and board member. She/Her.


Jim Cramer on Amy Chang

July 2019:

When discussing Procter & Gamble and the need of consumer products to appeal to Millennials on Squawk on the Street, Jim shares his opinion of Amy Chang:

Once you decide to listen to Amy Chang, who is on the board. She's the youngest member of the board. She might be the smartest person in America, frankly.

- Jim Cramer on Squawk on the Street, July 2019

May 2018:

Jim previewing topics he wanted to cover with Cisco CEO, Chuck Robbins, on the next week’s Mad Money interview:

I hope Robbins talks about the recent $270 million acquisition of Accompany, ... a business intelligence play run by the brilliant Amy Chang. I cannot think of a better person to help Cisco reinvent itself as a trusted partner to its clients on a much deeper level than just hardware.

September 2019:

When interviewing Procter & Gamble’s David Taylor and Trian’s Nelson Peltz during the CNBC Institutional Investor Delivering Alpha Conference:

When you visited my office and you gave me your brief, which was fantastic, you said, what do we need? We need people like Amy Chang, 40-year-old, com-sci from Stanford, master's in com-sci, just a pure genius, younger person...She is the embodiment of what somebody needs to go digital.